Robot Draws City In The Desert

Peruvian-RobotA project called Ciudad Nazca / Nazca City, led by Rodrigo Derteano, used a robot to draw a city in the Peruvian desert.

Similar in design to the ancient geoglyphs like the Nasca Lines, the robot drew large lines in the sand to create a city that is a mashup of ten cities in Latin America .  It took the  robot five days to complete the drawing, using a triangular plow dragged behind it. Rodrigo talks about the project:

I live and grew up in Lima. About 60% of the city today lies within the desert, most of it grew without any serious urban planning. It’s a self-made metropolis, the second largest city built in the desert after Cairo. It grew from 1 million to 8 million people in less than 60 years. There’s a lot of problems derived from this development in terms of sustainability and living standards which exacerbate the huge inequality of our society…

By drawing a gigantic map of a city onto the desert, the project not only seeks to draw attention to this facts, but questions our very concept of city, specially in regards to its environment.

Click through for a video of the project.

Link via (@laurenbuekes)

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