Robotic Fly Powered Clock

robotic fly powered clockThis robot tells time in an unusual way.

Using 2 motors, fly paper, a scraper and microbial fuel cell, this clock gets it’s energy from flies.

The flies land on the fly paper which is slowly rolled toward the bottom and the scraper.  From there the fly is scraped into the microbial fuel cell and essentially eaten or turned into energy.  The energy in turn powers the rollers and the clock.

This amazing clock is the work of James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau.

For more info on the microbial fuel cell, visit the Bristol Robotics Lab.

There, they have a robot called Ecobot that runs on microbial fuel cells.  They robot can run for 12 days on 8 dead flies.

First the robots need to conquer flies, then on to us pesky humans!

Click through for a video.

Link via (@museumofrobots)

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