Robots in Design

Robots come in many different shapes and sizes, but we did not often see them in design until recently. The robot we see most often in modern design is the stylized tin robot from the 1950’s or more modern variations of this.

Aimee Wilder, a School of Art Institute of Chicago graduate, has created the wonderful design you see below.


The shoes are available from Vans official site now for only $55 a pair for the high tops or $42 for the slip-ons.  Vans also sell other items with Wilder’s robots such as a belt, wallet, tank top and bag.


You can also buy this design as an actual wallpaper here.  It comes in blue, pink or multi colors, but at $175 155 for a triple roll.  Other cool wallpaper designs by Aimee Wilder include analognights and sumo.

Update: Thanks to our post, Aimee did some number crunching and now offers her wallpaper at only $155 for a triple roll.  Thanks Aimee!

Link via (Coroflot)

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