A Robot That Climbs Walls

ROCRAssistant Professor William Provancher from the University of Utah has developed a pendulum based robot that can climb walls.

Weighing only 1.2 pounds, the robot named ROCR Oscillating Climbing Robot can climb carpeted walls with ease thanks to two hooks and it’s swinging pendulum.  It climbs with 20% efficiency and can climb eight feet in about fifteen seconds.

William Provancher says,

While this robot eventually can be used for inspection, maintenance and surveillance, probably the greatest short-term potential is as a teaching tool or as a really cool toy.

We like how William made the four 9 volt battery power supply as the pendulum weight. We also wonder if ROCR will ever be able to climb a variety of surfaces like RISE, by maybe replacing it’s hooks with sticky Gecko like pads.

Click through for a video of ROCR in action.

Link via (Newswise)

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