Army’s Tentacle Robot

tentacle botNo, it’s not quiet like Dr. Octopus from Spiderman, but it does have 3 tentacle like arms.

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory has taken a snake robot and expanded on its capabilities by combing three of them together with a body, calling it a Robotic Tentacle Manipulator.

This robot can crawl, swim and get through narrrow spaces.  Derek Scherer, one of the researchers, says snake push off rocks to propel themselves and they are using the same idea here.

Researchers predict the technology may one day solve the “opening a door” problem, which has been a consistent obstacle in robotics, Scherer said. High levels of articulation in the manipulator could prove to be effective for grasping and rotating different types of door handles using knobs, handles, levers and bars.

This design is also meant to scale, so we could see smaller tentacle bots or some really big ones.

Link via (Gizmodo)

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