Ava Robotics

iRobot ava 500

iRobot’s Ava 500 from 2013

Ava Robotics is a spinoff from iRobot but not a new robot.  iRobot first introduced us to Ava in 2011. Ava Robotics is being reintroduced today as it’s own company and offering up a telepresence robot that can drive itself.

Using Cisco Spark for high def video, the Ava Robotics team concentrated on mobility.  Ava is able to drive itself and comes with a mobile app.  Once the robot has mapped out it’s environment it can then move on it’s own to the desired location, while automatically avoiding people and other objects.

Ava uses a 3D depth camera, lidar and an inertial measurement unit to help it navigate and avoid objects.

Once you are done using Ava, it will automatically return to it’s recharging base.

Shown here is the Ava 500 from 2013.

Link via IEEE Spectrum

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