BIG-iBIG-i is a robot from NXROBO that looks like a trash can. The robot made of soft material on the outside, is approximately 2 1/2 feet tall,  just over 1 foot in diameter and weighs about 26 pounds.

Using face recognition amongst other features BIG-i allows you to do some interesting things, like not search for your phone when you have a call.

Video Call + Face Recognition + Auto Navigation changes the phone calling experience. Rather than having to look for your phone, BIG-i can come looking for you instead and tell you have a phone call. It can act as the phone and allow you to continue your task uninterrupted. With BIG-i, searching for your phone becomes a thing of the past.

Using something called Smart Home, BIG-1 can also do tasks like turn on your TV or activate your ROOMBA to clean the house when you leave. Also sporting voice programming, BIG-1 allows you to program it without doing any actual coding.

The NXROBO Operating System will soon be opened to developers who will be able to create apps for BIG-i.

Expecting to ship at the end of 2016, BIG-i will cost $699  for early adopters and $1,000 for late comers after a campaign on Indigogo. Yeah, but can it fetch me a beer from my refrigerator?


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