DobotDobot is a robotic arm currently up on Kickstarter.  While this doesn’t sound like much at first, keep in mind that Dobot can 3D print, laser engrave, solder as well as move objects around quickly.

There is also a mobility platform available to allow it to move around your space.

Dobot can also be programmed in a variety of ways including  learning mode.  Put it into learning mode and you physically move the arm around, showing it what you want to do.  This sounds a lot like how Sawyer from Rethink Robotics is programmed.

Of course, you can also program Dobot in the more traditional manner through actual programming or coding.

Currently some of the Kickstarter early bird specials are gone and Dobot is currently at $1,599.00 for the basic model.  Considering Sawyer costs $29,000, the price doesn’t seem so bad.

soldering robot arm

3d printing robotic arm









Link via TechCrunch

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