Gearless Omni-directional Robot Leg

GOAT cad drawing

CAD drawing from Simon’s thesis.

Carnegie Mellon PhD student Simon Kalouche has created the  Gearless Omni-directional Acceleration-vectoring Topology or GOAT.

Using a custom motor controller and 3 DC Tiger U10 quadcopter motors, Simon has created a unique leg that is able to hop over 32 inches high.

If he put four legs together he could come up with a very impressive robot.  But as Simon states:

While the GOAT leg will most likely never be faster than the very impressive speeds achieved by the MIT Cheetah in running along a straight line, the design of GOAT sacri ces 1D top speed for the potential to run and jump in all 3 dimensions with more agility than the MIT Cheetah and all other dynamic legged robots to this date.

Check out the robot in action below.

Link via Inverse

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