Hajime Robot Restaurant

Hajime-Robot-Restaurant-2A new Japanese restaurant in Thailand has robotic waitstaff. Restaurant owner Lapassarad Thanaphant spent over $927,000 on opening the restaurant, including purchasing the 4 robots.

The robots have a touchscreen where customers can select their order.  They then go away and get your food for you.  Sounds like another novelty restaurant concept.

I wonder if the robot waiters ever met the real Iron Chef.

Click through for a cheesy video.

Link via (DJMick Travel)

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  1. excursieonline.nl says:

    Can anyone tell me the address of this place in Bangkok?

  2. ramon says:

    What is the address of this place?

  3. begoña ayala fernandez says:

    hello. can you send me address hajime restaurant.is possible go in bus from gran palace? thankyou

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