Heartland Robotics

Heartland Robotics, founded by Rodney Brooks , formerly of iRobot,  has been operating in stealth mode for a couple of years now.

On 11/30 of last year, Heartland Robotics announced they had received an additional $20 million in funding. After that, it was revealed that they will be working on a worker type humanoid robot.

Supposedly the robot is humanoid from the waist up and is aimed at revitalizing the manufacturing industry, starting with a very low $5,000 price tag.

The robot could do things like pack boxes or monitor production lines and work 24 hours a day without a break.

And now it looks like Heartland Robotics are ramping up for production as they move from a 7,000 sq foot facility to an 18,400 square foot facility in Boston’s “Innovation District”.  Heartland Robotics also hopes to add 50 new jobs by the end of the year.

Bezos Expeditions, the investment company of Jeff Bezos from Amazon, has invested in Heartland Robotics.  Amazon also now owns Zappos, which uses the Kiva warehouse robots.  We think Heartland Robotics would be a good match for the Kiva robotics system.  The Kiva robots could go fetch the required shelves and the Heartland Robotics robots could pack the boxes.

Link via (Boston.com) via (BotJunkie)

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