Husqvarna Demolition Robot

Husqvarana DXR 310Husqvarna has unveiled the DXR 310 demolition robot.

Brings this bad boy to your next demolition project and get the job done in a heartbeat.

The DXR 310 is only 78  cm wide and can pass through most  doorways on it’s tank like treads.  This small width allow it to work in small spaces and can even work on uneven surfaces thanks to its four stabilizing legs.

The robot weighs 1960 kg, is powered with a 22 kW motor and has its own source of LED illumination good for 20,000 hours of light.  The robot also can use a Bluetooth enabled joystick type remote control that can be worn over the shoulder, thanks to a curved bar.

This bad boy of demolition also has a telescopic arm with a length of 5.5 m that is made of steel for those hard to reach places.

Click through for a video.

Link via (Crunch Gear)

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