Intuition Robotics Raises $6 Million

ElliQIntuition Robotics is a Jerusalem based company that make a robot called ElliQ and has just raised $6 million from iRobot and OurCrowd.

The robot is an assistant for elderly people that Intuition Robotics says is an  “autonomous active aging companion”.

The company now plans to open an office in San Fransisco and start testing ElliQ on senior citizens.

What can ElliQ actually do you ask?  Well ElliQ can:

  • Skype chat
  • Share calendar and reminders
  • Provide easy access to content from family via social media
  • Seamlessly message family and photo sharing

ElliQ kind of reminds us of the movie Robot & Frank where Frank’s daughter buys him a humanoid companion robot to amusing results.  Luckily in the real world ElliQ seems much more practical and useful.

See the video below.

Link via TechCrunch

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