iRobot Receives Contracts for Seaglider

SeaglideriRobot recently received two contracts from the  Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO).  The first contract is for $900,000 and will refurbish and upgrade NAVOCEANO’s existing Seaglider fleet.  The second contract worth $920,000 will provide new Seaglider’s.

Seaglider is a torpedo like submersible that is able to work autonomously for many months at sea, while sending back data.  Seaglider periodically cruises to the surface to stick its antennae up in the air and transmit data back home via satellite.

See our previous post about Seaglider, which was bought by iRobot in 2008 from the University of Washington.
Click through for a video from Komo 4 News in Seattle.

Link via (Robot Stock News)

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