iRobot Reveals Enhanced Seaglider

seaglideriRobot announced a new version of their glider robot Seaglider.
Seaglider is UUV or unmanned underwater vehicle that operates between 65 and 3,280 feet underwater and has completed mission longer than 9 months without needing a battery replacement.  The Seaglider can also house a variety of sensors such as  oxygen sensors and PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) sensors.

The press release states:

Seaglider can now be outfitted with a larger set of fairings that significantly increases the UUV’s volume and mass payload capabilities. Payload mass is doubled over Seaglider’s original design to four kilograms and payload volume has expanded 650 percent to more than 21,000 cubic centimeters, resulting in the ability to integrate both larger sensors and a greater number of sensors with Seaglider.

iRobot also has two other seafaring robots in it’s arsenal. One is called the  the Transphibian and the other is the 15A Ranger.  iRobot also offers a five day training program to become a certified Seaglider pilot.  Three days are in the classroom and two are in the field.

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