Meet Hubo II The Korean Rival to Asimo

Hubo IIMeet Hubo II, the newer faster version of Hubo.  The original Hubo was developed in 2004 and both Hubos were developed at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology’s Humanoid Robot Research Center, by professor Oh Jun Ho and a team of research students.

Hubo II weighs one third less than the original Hubo and walks with a straight leg gate as opposed to a bent knee.  This allows him to walk faster.

The robot has more than 40 motors and dozens of sensors, cameras, and controllers. It carries a lithium polymer battery with a 480 watt-hour capacity, which keeps the robot running up 2 hours with movement and up to 7 hours without movement.

Hubo II is also adept at holding things like hands or bottles and as shown here, swords.

Also check out this interview with Oh Jun Ho from 2005.

Click through for a video of Hubo II brandishing a fake sword.  Take that Asimo!

Link via (Gizmag) via (IEEE Spectrum)

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