NASA Lunar Robot Competition

lunar, robot, space, scienceNASA has unveiled another robotic competition called the inaugural Lunabotics Mining Competition.  This time registration is limited to 30 teams from a college or university and they already have 24 teams signed up. Hurry up and enter already as the entry deadline is Feb 28, 2010.

Last year NASA had The Regolith Excavation Challenge. This challenge is very similar to the one from last yearexcept the prizes are different and that challenge was open to anyone.

Prizes for the main competition are as follows:

  • 1st place $5,000 and VIP Kennedy launch tickets
  • 2nd place $2,500 and VIP Kennedy launch tickets
  • 2nd place $1,000 and VIP Kennedy launch tickets

There are several other smaller prizes for various categories

NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate Higher Education Project in partnership with the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program is proud to announce the inaugural Lunabotics Mining Competition May 25-28, 2010 Astronaut Hall of Fame Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Check out all the details in this PDF of The Lunabotics Mining Competition Rules.


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