Nexi Now for Sale

nexi-headNexi is a MDS or Mobile, Dexterous and Social robot.  She was created by MIT, Xitome and UMASS Amherst. The most amazing aspect of Nexi is her expressive face.  She can show a variety of emotions such as angry, bored, confused and happy. From the Xitome website:

This unique robotic platform combines a number of technologies (sensing, computation, actuation, control and design) to provide a first-in-class offering for those looking for the future of robotics. The balancing 2 wheeled base (RMP-200) provides a small footprint and ultimate maneuverability. The 7DOF Xitome 322c Hands and high DOF arms and torso provide dexterous end effectors that allow the system to interact with humans and the environments they live in.

Nexi is now on sale from Xitome, but there is no word on how much a Nexi will cost you.  If your mattress is stuffed full of Benjamins, then go to the Xitome website and fill out this form for someone to come take all of your money.

Nexi was named one of Time Magazines 50 best inventions of 2008.

Link via (Xitome)

See the video of Nexi in action after the break.

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5 Responses to Nexi Now for Sale

  1. cb says:

    i want to buy a Nexi robot for my sons birthday but i can’t find out the price.

  2. Travis says:

    i want one it looks so cool. can it do stuff for you , it needs a fully covered body though but i still want one

  3. Alex says:

    Can you buy Nexi? I really want one.

  4. Frank says:

    Wow, creepy yet kinda cool.

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