PAL Technology Unveils The Reem-B

Reem BThis amazing humanoid robot was unveiled this week in Abu Dhabi from Pal Technology Robotics. REEM-B is the newest model in the REEM line.

REEM-B is 1.47 meters tall and has a battery life of 120 minutes. REEM-B can walk 1.5 km an hour, sit down, grasp objects, recognize faces and understand voice commands. Wow, that’s a lot of things for one robot to do.

Check out the spiffy promo video here, and if you are really digging this robot like we are, download the desktop wallpaper here.

I wonder if REEM-B will join the touring circuit like Asimo and start conducting orchestras and serving coffee and chocolate?

Link via (China Daily)

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  1. Amro Hassan says:

    Hi there,

    Please send me more information on Reem B.

    I am very keen to promote Reem B, in our show GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK.


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