Pizza Robots

zume-pizza-robotWho doesn’t like pizza?  Well a company in California called Zume is adding robots into the mix. They have a robot called Doughbot that spreads the dough into a circle in only 9 seconds. A second robot spreads the sauce around and a third robot shown here puts the dough into the oven after toppings are added.

The company has one other trick up their sleeve to compete with the big chains like Dominos or Papa John’s and that is mobile cooking.  The first time the pizza is put into the oven it is only partially baked.  It is then cooked en route by ovens in the delivery fan.  Zume hopes this will get the pizza to you faster and fresher.

The company is not all robots and still has a head chef, humans who add toppings and humans who deliver the pizza.

The company’s goal is to give you a fresh hot pizza at a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time.

Our favorite show about pizza called The Pizza Show actually visited Zume.  Check out the video below to see the pizza making robots in action.

Link via The Verge

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