QBO By TheCorpora

QboTheCorpora, also known as Francisco Paz,  has unveiled more details on the robot called QBO.  Franciso hopes QBO will one day be your own personal open source robotic platform and we definitely want one.

So far, QBO has been five years in the making. QBO weighs 9-11 kg and automatically recharges through a docking station.  His eyes are 2 high definition web cameras and his ears are 2 omnidirectional microphones and 1 unidirectional microphone.

His body also contains 4 ultrasonic sensors, 1 sharp sensor and 3 infrared sensors.  These sensors allow QBO to navigate and move around without bumping into obstacles.

This cute little guy also currently has the following attributes.

  • Stereoscopic vision
  • Speech Recognition System
  • Speech Synthesis System
  • Qbo’s API & Web control panel
  • Wifi & Bluetooth connections
  • Qbo avoids crashes and falls thanks to ultrasound sensors

Link via (Slash Gear)

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