Robo Van Travels From Italy To China

VisLabVanTwo Piaggio Porter electric vans are traveling autonomously from Milan to Shanghai, a trip that will take three months with a total of 13,000 km.

Both vans will have people as passengers on board to take over if needed.

This is a project from VisLabs.  After participating in and siting the DARPA Grand Challenge and the DARPA Urban Challenge as inspiration, the Vislab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge was born.

Using 4 stereo cameras, two in the front and two in the rear, the vans can navigate by road markings.

When there are no road markings, they can navigate by using four laserscanners mounted on the front.  The vehicles also contain a GPS unit and solar panel, used to power the autonomous driving system, mounted on the roof .

Click through for a trailer.

Link via (CNET)

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