Robot T-Shirt Giveaway

We have rounded up 10 of the most awesome robot t-shirts we could find.  Of course we had to included our own Robot Living t-shirt and will be giving one away to a lucky winner.  Just leave a comment by Friday 4/3 at midnight east coast time and we will pick one winner at random to win a Robot Living t-shirt.


1. Helbotica – available at Chop Shop Store for only $23.


2. Robot Evolution from Diesel Sweeties for $16.99.


3. weRobot  – also from Chop Shop Store for $23.


4. Retro Futurism from Insanely Great Tees for $19.


5. Our own Robot Living t-shirt in olive green shown here on Harold, winner of a previous contest.


6. Destructoid from Split Reason for $15.95.


7. Robot Invasion from Teetonic for £14.68.


8. Destructoid Vintage Logo from Split Reason for $14.95.


9. Retro Robot from Cafe Press for $20.99


10. Dephect Megabot from Urban Retro for £24.99.

Update 4/4: Thanks for participating.  The giveaway is now closed.  We will post the winner up sometime this weekend.

The lucky winner picked at random is kitty!  Congratulations kitty!

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14 Responses to Robot T-Shirt Giveaway

  1. Very cool robot t-shirts!! (or… to clarify t-shirts of robots for people… robot t-shirts would be t-shirts that robots wear… and do robots really wear t-shirts?)

  2. James says:

    Im, naked cover me in robot robes

  3. Aviva says:

    YAY I want to be entered in the robot T shirt contest!!!!

  4. Annis says:

    Love to see robot on my shirt…

  5. mrhankey says:

    would like one of those ^^ !

  6. kitty says:

    Robots Rock! Thanks for the entertaining content and photos on your site!

  7. ALLY M says:

    Would love this tee shirt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. ikkinlala says:

    May Canadians enter?

  9. mstrmrphy says:

    10 print “WHAT NIFTY SHIRTS!”
    20 goto 10

  10. Nougat says:

    ROBOT. I can always use another shirt, especially one that’s cool.

  11. Alper says:

    Me Me Me!

  12. Erik Smith says:

    Wow, these are all really cool tshirts. I especially love the weRobot, Destructoid, and Urban Retro shirts. Helbotica is also pretty amazing. WOW, me wants all of them.

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