Robot Toys Seized At Customs

cleatus robot toy17,600 NFL toy robot figures similar to the one shown here were seized at customs in Seattle recently.

The toys were manufactured in China and found to have 6 times the acceptable level of lead in them.  The toys are valued at around $96,000 and will be destroyed. Chalk up one win for the humans against the coming robo-apocalypse.

You can buy similar NFL robot action figures currently on Amazon, but we have no idea what the lead levels in these toys might be.

(Chicago Breaking Sports) & (Yahoo News)

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2 Responses to Robot Toys Seized At Customs

  1. Aaron V says:

    A complete waste of time and resources for these toys, to create them and destroy them.

    We are such a wasteful civilization. As for Robots taking over the world and killing humans.

    That is just from hollywood movies, to get people in fear of developing technologies.

    There is not one film that shows the benefits of Technology except maybe Star Trek, and even still in Star Trek they have Us against them, always fighting some enemy.

    TV and Movies have really put so many people in Fear of the future or they’re own creations.
    We need to embrace robots to benefit and free mankind from boring and hard labor jobs, and probably save lives at the same time.

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