sadbotSADbot (The Seasonally Affected Drawing Robot) is a solar powered drawing robot currently on display in New York city at the Eyebeam gallery.  SADbot was created by Dustyn Roberts and Ben Leduc-Mills, who were able to get funding by making a presentation on Kickstarter.

Basically, the robot has overtaken the window of the Eyebeam gallery, where it draws on a large piece of paper.  Powered by an Arduino and four solar cells, the robot draws when it is sunny and is sad and does not draw when it is dark.  Visitors to the gallery window can affect the robot by placing there hands over the four solar cells.

When no one is affecting the robot, it continues to doodle on it’s own and goes through one large paper per day.

See more about the project on Kickstarter or click through for a video.

Link via (IEEE Spectrum)

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