Sally The Salad Robot From Chowbotics

Sally The Salad Robot

Sally is also a restaurant employee who is never late, does not call in sick and cheerfully keeps your salad ingredients at the proper temperature.

Sally only takes up 30″ x 30 ” and produces yummy salads.

Utilizing a touch screen and up to 21 different ingredients, Sally dispenses the salads on demand.

Sally is the new friendlier hygienic salad bar built for the 21st century.


Chowbotics was founded in 2014 by Deepak Sekar, Ph.D. Deepak is an inventor with over 100 patents.

Sally can make 40 salads from any of it’s 21 ingredient bins before it needs a refill.  Sally can make a 7 ingredient salad in under 1 minute utilizing recipes from Chef Charlie Ayers, “the chef who fed Google”.


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