T-Shirt Contest

Get On BoardWe have rounded up 10 of the most awesome robot t-shirts we could find.

This time we will be giving two shirts away toΒ  lucky winners.

Just leave a comment by Friday 6/26 at midnight east coast time and we will pick one winner at random to win a Robot Living t-shirt and one to win the Get On Board shirt from The Dept. shown here.Β  The giveaway is open to anyone. Click through for all the t-shirts and get commenting folks!

boh-inmyeye1. Robot In My Eye from Topataco.

robot-rock-20090506-1427292. Robot rock from Β  Chop Shop for $20.

Get On Board3. Get On Board by The Dept. for only $22.

Humans Are Dead

4. Humans Are Dead by Jinx for $20.

Crush All Humans

5. Crush All Humans from Diesel Sweeties for $17.

Robots In Disguise6. Robots In Disguise from Slapt for $15.

Robot Dance Contest

7. Robot Dance Contest from Threadless.


8. weRobot from ChopShop for $20.

Volto Vac

9. Volto-Vac Retro robot from Printfection for $27

Pirate Monkey Robot

10. Pirate Monkey Robot from Goats.

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24 Responses to T-Shirt Contest

  1. Chief Robot says:

    Thanks to The Dept. and everyone who entered. The contest is now closed. we will announce winners soon.

  2. Carla says:

    Some great tshirts there πŸ™‚

  3. Chris says:

    MJ wouldv’e wanted me to win a robot shirt

  4. Jesse says:

    Number 7 the Robot Dance Contest is bananas!!!!!

  5. Randumbot says:

    The shirts are almost too awesome for comments.

  6. katrina v says:

    I’m liking all the robot shirts! Count me in! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  7. Karen T. Hodges says:

    Great idea! Just discovered your site! The Get on Board is just too cute! Maybe I’ll get lucky πŸ™‚

  8. matt g says:

    cool blog. I <3 robots. did i win?

  9. Paul H says:

    I got robot in my eye once. It hurts.

  10. Nitpicker says:

    The robot dance competition shirt is awesome!

    Also, that shirt from chop shop doesn’t say “chop shop”. The characters are positioned/sized in a way to make it say “chiyotsupu shiyotsupu”.

  11. Matt says:

    Sweet! Love the designs

  12. Tux says:

    Is the contest open to Canadians ? If so, I’ll try my luck !

  13. chris swan says:

    Free tees YEAH! Robots Rule!

  14. catacuta says:

    The humans are dead
    The humans are dead
    We used poisonous gases
    And we poisoned their asses !!!

    Binary solo!

  15. nickolad says:


  16. Vidya says:

    I want one!

  17. superwinky says:

    I for one, welcome our robot overlords. And to properly welcome them, a stunning shirt with their likeness would be a fine thing to be wearing at the aforementioned robopocolypse. Sopleaseletmebethewinnerandnot*thatguy*whogetsallvaporizedbynotbeingrespectful. thankyouverymuch.

  18. Robocub says:

    I love #1, #5, and #8 tshirts.

  19. Martin says:

    I’m movin like a robocop!

  20. Annis says:

    iLoveRobot! Of course love that shirt too πŸ™‚

  21. Alper says:

    me me me !

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