Tertill Update

Two years ago Tertill, the garden weeding robot by Franklin Robotics, was on Kickstarter.  1200 backers pledged just over $300,000. The good news is they are finally shipping in two to three weeks.  You can also buy one now for a cost of $300 on the Tertill website.

This robot works autonomously to weed your garden ever day.  It works by cutting the tiny weeds down repeatedly.  Solar powered, the robot never needs recharging.

See our previous post about Tertill.

*6/28 update from Joe Jones CFO of Franklin Robotics, makers of Tertill.

“Thanks for the mention, we appreciate it. As of a week or two ago we caught up with our backlog and are now shipping immediately. We also posted a couple of new videos.”

Tertill’s eye view:

Twin Tertill time lapse:

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