The BilliBot Project

BilliBotThe BilliBot Project is a project started by Garrat Gallagher from MIT that uses  the iRobot platform and a Kinect sensor with ROS software.  ROS is the Robot Operating System developed by Willow Garage.

What is BilliBot you ask?

Bilibot, from the German word ‘billig’, or cheap, is a sophisticated robotics platform at an affordable price. A Bilibot consists of:
* a powerful computer
* an iRobot create
* a Kinect sensor
* mounting hardware to put it all together
* the ROS Robotic Operating system, with research contributions from roboticists all over the world!

Pre order one now for only $1,200 and if you make a cool project with it and share it , you can have $350 refunded!

Click through for a video.

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