This Robot Folds Your Laundry

FoldiMateTired of folding your laundry?

FoldiMate has the answer by giving you a robot that folds your laundry. Just hang your laundry on the clips and presto, a while later it all comes out the bottom neatly folded.

FoldiMate also uses the help of steam to remove wrinkles and your laundry can be perfumed or softened through optional capsules.

As of right now, you can reserve the right to reserve one for $100 and get a 10% discount off of the $700 – $850 price.

Actual reservations will happen in 2017 and FoldiMate is expected to ship in 2018.
The website states they had 4500 reservations and there are only 71 spots left.  Did 4429 people actually reserve a laundry folding robot?

We have previously seen PR2 attempt to fold laundry among other household tasks.

FoldMate via The Verge

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