Tour de France Chalkbot

ChalkbotThe Tour de France is currently underway, with Lance Armstrong returning after supposedly retiring a few years ago.

His reason for returning is to help promote his Livestrong campaign and raise cancer awareness.  To that end some folks have from Livestrong and Nike have created the Chalkbot, a robotic chalk painter.

The Chalkbot will print messages along the path of the Tour de France.  You too can have your message printed.

Just text ‘LIVESTRONG’ followed by your chalk message to 36453. They hope to print more than 100,000 messages over the course of the entire race.  Or read more about it here.

Check out how the Chalkbot works in a video after the break.

Link via (Make)

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5 Responses to Tour de France Chalkbot

  1. Sonny says:

    If you go the the Chalkbot page and click on Add Your Message it will then ask you to register or login. You can then send a message through their website.

  2. Carol says:

    How do I send a message if I have no text feature?

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