Weekly Roundup – RoboCop Lives

Robocop StickerRobocop can soon live on thanks to iRobot forming a partnership with Taser International. In Chicago on July 9- 10, the two companies will demonstrate the new model.

“I could see rent-a-cop companies wanting to buy it, I can see corrections departments wanting to buy it, because it might be seen as a cost-effective alternative to having a human guard patrolling a perimeter,” John Pike, head of GlobalSecurity.org, said. Link via (The State)

Up next this week are Blubber Bots. Helium filled balloons that you interact with by making a phone call. They also have a speaker and can “sing”. Link via (Make)

The third item this week is a new zoo that opened in Portugal. That’s right, a robot zoo! In this small enclosure there are two main types of robots, small solar powered robots on the ground and larger robots powered by electricity. Unfortunately, after the zoo opened, the large robots couldn’t see the smaller robots and accidentaliy cut off some of their tails. This made the smaller robots stop moving or or working altogether. The larger robots essentially killed some of the smaller robots. Link

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