Yet Another Robo Chef

chef cuiFirst we had the robot chef that made a mean omelette, then we had robot chef that flipped pancakes, and recently we had the robots that made oatmeal cookies, now we have a robot chef that shaves noodles.

The robot is named Chef Cui by his Chinese inventor Cui Runquan.

All day long, I used to work beside a pot of boiling water, shaving noodles by hand and pouring them in.

It’s hot and steamy work and I thought how wonderful it would be if I could build a robot to do it for me.

The inventor has taken out a patent on the robot and is in talk to have it manufactured.

Being ignorant Americans, we did  not know what shaved noodles were.  It is exactly what it sounds like. Click through for a short video of someone shaving noodles.

Link via (Gear Log)

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