Zero Zero Robotics

Hover CameraZero Zero Robotics has unveiled it’s first product called Hover Camera after developing it in relative secrecy.  The company has received $25 million in funding.

Hover Camera is a small drone that can fold up and fit in your bag.  Unfold the drone and press the on button and let go.  The Hover Camera then automatically hovers in front of you.

The drone is able to hover by using  downward and front facing cameras. The front facing camera uses visual SLAM(simultaneous localization and mapping) to help it hover.  It can take 13 MP photos, shoot 4K video and follow you thanks to facial recognition.

The frame covering the blades is made of light weight carbon fiber, allowing it to weigh less than 250 grams.  This low weight allows the user to bypass FAA regulations requiring registering your drone weighing more than .55 lbs. The flying camera reportedly will cost less than $600, but no word yet on a release date.

Zero Zero Robotics


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