Zibits Mini R/C Robots Now Available

zbitZbits or Zibits? Anyway, these amazing tiny robots called Zbits on Think Geek are now available on Think Geek for only $14.99.

Collect all 4 models

1. Urban Tech 2, Code Name “Dex”

2. Urban Tech 1, Code Name “Sproc”

3. Vintage Tech 2, Code Name “Go-B”

4. Vintage Tech 1, Code Name “Tank”

Or check out more models for only $9.99 from BotabingBotaboom. Our favorite model on BotabingBotaboom has to be this guy.

Urban Tech Black & Green

Urban Tech: Black & Green.

Oh, looks like these cute little guys are everywhere, even on Amazon.

Now you have no excuse for not creating your mini robot army.

See our previous post about them complete with a video – Zibits Mini R/C Robots.

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