Asterix, Omni Directional Hexapod

A hexapod robot from Osaka University named Asterix can do many things.  The six legged robot can climb over objects, squeeze under them and even cartwheel thanks to Professor Arai and his team at Osaka University.

Asterix has 6 legs, spaced 60 degrees apart.  The robot is the same on the top or the bottom, so that if it were to be flipped over, it could continue like nothing had happened.  The legs are also agile enough that they can pick be used to up objects or climb up a wall with a wire grid on it.

ASTERISK has the following 6 kinds of sensors.

  1. Pressure sensors on the tips of all of the limbs, which can detect whether they are being pushed or pulled.
  2. Infrared sensors on the tips of 3 of the limbs.
  3. A gyro sensor and an acceleration sensor on the body.
  4. Wireless cameras on the tips of 3 limbs and 3 CCD cameras on the body.

Click through for a video from DigInfo TV.

Link via (DigInfo TV)

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