MIT Developing Smart Cars

smart car

Photo: MIT / Melanie Gonick

Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Researchers at MIT are working on a system to make cars smarter and avoid crashes.

The researchers are developing an algorithm modeled on human driving behavior that would warn the driving of an accident and possibly take over control of the car.

The trick here is to avoid false positives.  If a driver receives too many warnings , they may just ignore the warnings, thinking the system did not work properly.

The other problem, is that anything developed now will only effect cars in the future, so they must take into account cars that do not have this smart system built in.

This new algorithm was tested in the lab on two overlapping circular tracks with a 97% success rate.  One autonomous car and one driver controlled care were used in the testing.

Here’s to one day having our cars drive themselves!


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