Swarmanoid HandbotWe previously posted about this project in 2007 in a post called Eye-bot, and boy has a lot happened since then.

Swarmanoid is a research collaboration between various European agencies like the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS) and is  funded by the European Commission.

The latest Swarmanoid video just won an award from the AAAI 2011 Video Competition.  Check after the break for the video.

The Swarmanoid project continues to expand on the work of the Swarm-bots project.  The Eye-bot, the Foot-bot and the Hand-bot all work together to comprise the elements of the Swarmanoid project.

The Foot-bot is the basic wheeled foot soldier in this operation.  They can dock with each other and dock with as well as carry the Hand-bot.

The Eye-bot is a quadrotor capable of sticking to the ceiling and is the eyes of the project.

The Hand-bot can dock with the Foot-bot, use it’s two grippers to climb and also has a rope laucher that can attach to the ceiling.

All three different robots can communicate with each other and work in harmony to retrieve a book from a book shelf.  Quite amazing work here.

Link via (Hizook)

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