Robo Fish School

robotic-fishSpain is set to unleash a school of robotic fish in the port of Gijon. The fish were developed by the University of Essex in England and the BMT Group.

The fish will be outfitted with tiny chemical sensors in order to detect pollution such as leaks from pipes or ships.

The fish will be 1.6 yards long and swim at about 1.1  yards per second.  Professor Huosheng Hu and his team at the University of Essex hope to have five of these fish in the water by the end of next year.  If all goes well, the fish will eventually be deployed to other areas of Europe.

Also put in place will be a charging hub and wi-fi station for the robotic fish.  This will allow the fish to send back any results they get and recharge their batteries at the same time. They will return to the station approximately every 8 hours when their batteries are low. Luck fish, I wonder if they will get free cable tv along with the free wi-fi.

Watch the video after the break.

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Link via (Financial Times)

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