Helicopter Drone Fits In Your Trunk

InceptorYet another tool for law enforcement similar to Shadowhawk, but without the weapons or thermal camera. A small helicopter drone named Inceptor from a company called Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing.

This drone has a weight of 3.5 lbs and can fly for up to 24 minutes at a time at speeds of up to 24 miles per hour. Inceptor has an electric motor that uses lithium polymer batteries that are easily swappable.

It also has a range of 1/2 a mile, but that can be extended with a beefier antenna.

Ground control comes with a touchscreen that has augmented reality and vehicle status.

It will be made available to law enforcement agencies for a price of $50,000.

Link to Inceptor Spec Sheet (pdf).

Link via (Robots.net)

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