Robonaut 2 In Space

Robonaut 2After several delays since last November, Robonaut 2 is about to go into space. If all goes well, the Space Shuttle Discovery will launch today at 4:50 pm. Once launched, it will travel to the International Space Station.

Robonaut 2 will do the following while on board the International Space Station:

Robonaut 2 (R2), will be installed in the U.S. Destiny laboratory,  providing  scientists and engineers on the ground and crews on the station an opportunity to test how humans and human-like robots can work shoulder-to- shoulder in microgravity. Once this has been demonstrated inside the station, software upgrades and lower bodies can be added, potentially allowing R2 to move around inside the station and eventually work outside in the vacuum of space. This will help NASA understand robotic capabilities for future deep space missions.

Click through for a video of Robonaut 2. Good luck Robonaut 2!

Update 2/25 – the shuttle launch was a success!¬† We can’t wait to see what Robonaut does at the Space Station.


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