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BEAM Solar Robots

Retromatix based in London has created some cool solar powered robots using BEAM principles. BEAM stands for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, Mechanics and was invented by Mark Tilden.  BEAM robots use simple analog circuits in favor of more complicated circuits using … Continue reading

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BEAM Battle Bots

Solarbotics has a new Instructible up on how to build a  Solar Powered Battle Symet. This looks really fun as these BEAM robots spin a lot faster than their predecessors and are easy to make. From the Instructible: BEAM Solar Symets … Continue reading

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BEAM Robotics 20th Anniversary

If you enjoy any of the Robosapien robots or almost anything from WowWee Robotics, then you have Mark Tilden and BEAM robotics to thank. “The first BEAM bot was “Solaroller 1.0?.  It was invented Nov 10, 1989 in Waterloo, Ontario … Continue reading

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