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Robotic Farmhands

Carnegie Mellon is at it again.  This time they want to make robots do all the farm work. Tony Stentz, an engineer from Carnegie Mellon thinks the time is right for such pursuits.  Tony worked on Boss, the autonomous vehicle … Continue reading

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Roboworld = Robonirvana

A press conference on 4/21/09 from the Carnegie Science Center has given us four major tidbits of information about Roboworld, otherwise known as robonirvana.  First , they have named the greeting robot, second they told us about the exhibits, third they announced … Continue reading

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Red Rover Shoots For Lunar X Prize

William “Red” Whitaker from Carnegie Mellon, the man that led the Carnegie Mellon team to win the  DARPA Urban Challenge, has a new goal.  That goal is to win the Lunar X Prize by putting a robot on the moon. … Continue reading

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