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DARPA’s Color Changing Robot

Researchers working for DARPA have created a soft robot that can walk and change colors. The work is performed under DARPA’s Maximum Mobility and Manipulation or M3 program headed up by Gill Pratt. This silicone robot that costs under $100 … Continue reading

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Caterpillar Inspired Robot

A robot called GoQBot, designed by Hual-Tin Lin from Tufts University,  was inspired by a caterpillar.  We have seen other robots inspired by nature, like Stanford’s gecko inspired robot, but most are made of hard materials, like hard metal or … Continue reading

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Boston Dynamics Cheetah

Boston Dynamics, the makers of Big Dog, have received more funding from DARPA.  This time they are working on a robot inspired by a cheetah, as shown in the image here. Marc Railbert, the president of Boston Dynamics, had this … Continue reading

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Robotic Hummingbird

AeroVironment, makers of many vehicles such as Helios and Global Observer, has now created the world’s first robotic hummingbird for DARPA. AeroEnvironment called the robot a Nano Air Vehicle during development and is now calling it a Nano Hummingbird. The … Continue reading

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iRobot’s Blob Robot

iRobot has been hard at work on one of their DARPA contracts to develop a robot that can change it’s shape and squeeze into tight places. The round bot uses a concept called “jamming skin enabled locomotion” to move around. … Continue reading

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