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Stompy, The Rideable Hexapod

Using a 135  horsepower Toyota forklift engine, a group of people from Artistan’s Asylum in Somerville Massachusetts are creating a 2500 pound rideable hexapod robot. Fifteen students signed up for a 4 month class taught by Gui Cavalcanti, James Whong, … Continue reading

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Asterix, Omni Directional Hexapod

A hexapod robot from Osaka University named Asterix can do many things.  The six legged robot can climb over objects, squeeze under them and even cartwheel thanks to Professor Arai and his team at Osaka University. Asterix has 6 legs, … Continue reading

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Prospero Robotic Farmer

Prospero is a project by David Dorhout for a SchmartBoard contest. The idea here is for a swarm of hexapods to do all your planting and crop tending for you.  The project write up states: Prospero is the working prototype … Continue reading

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Lego Hexapod Robot

Cool lego hexapod by Gus Janns . See photos on the Flickr Lego Hexapod Walker set. Link via (Make)

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Hexapod Walker

Pololu has  a great little tutorial on how to make the hexapod walker shown here. Pololu is an electronics company started by 3 former MIT students and based in Las Vegas.  For about $70 in parts that are sold by … Continue reading

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