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Sony’s New aibo

Sony is re-introducing it’s robotic dog aibo. Originally called Aibo and available from 1999 – 2006.  Starting in January of 2018 if you live in Japan, you can purchase the new aibo for 179,000 yen (about $1,739 US). The new … Continue reading

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Creepy Robot Called Alter

The Japan National Science Museum in Tokyo is hosting a new robot called Alter. Alter is a humanoid robot governed by a neural network.  A variety of sensors such as a temperature sensor and proximity sensor also influence Alter’s movements. … Continue reading

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Toyota’s Helpful Robot

Toyota has unveiled a new helper type robot called the Human Support Robot (HSR) to help with Japan’s aging population. It is designed to help people around their home and improve their quality of life. With a height of between … Continue reading

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Hugvie, The Huggable Robot

Using the Telenoid 1 robot shape as a basis, Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro has created Hugvie. Basically the user inserts their cell phone and communicates with another person while hugging them, having a much richer experience. The Hugvie can also … Continue reading

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Asterix, Omni Directional Hexapod

A hexapod robot from Osaka University named Asterix can do many things.  The six legged robot can climb over objects, squeeze under them and even cartwheel thanks to Professor Arai and his team at Osaka University. Asterix has 6 legs, … Continue reading

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