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Robotic Alarm Clock & Vacuum

Designer Jeongmi Lee from Seoul has created a robotic vacuum cleaner that doubles as an alarm clock. The alarm clock sits on the floor and is attached to your blanket by a string.  When the alarm goes off, the robot … Continue reading

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I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK.

This totally looks like an awesome movie from Korea.

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Meet Hubo II The Korean Rival to Asimo

Meet Hubo II, the newer faster version of Hubo.  The original Hubo was developed in 2004 and both Hubos were developed at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology’s Humanoid Robot Research Center, by professor Oh Jun Ho and … Continue reading

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Infant Carrying Robot AKA Robo Carriage

Introducing Bomo, the world first indoor Robot Baby Carriage. The carriage can be put on automatic mode, giving the tiny tot a ride around your room without bumping into any pesky chairs or tables while it follows mom. Older tots … Continue reading

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Scientists Make Creepy Robot

Researchers at Seoul National University in Korea are trying to make a robot that can creep or be sneaky. In the image here, the blue dot is the good guy, like a security guard  and the red dot is the … Continue reading

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