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Robopocolypse The Book & Movie

A new book by Daniel H Wilson called Robopocolypse is due out this summer. You may remember Daniel from some of his other books, How To Survive A Robot Uprising or How To Build A Robot Army.  Stephen Spielberg somehow … Continue reading

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$32 Million Robot Movie

Check out this awesome move called Robot, a $32 million Bollywood movie with choreographing from Yuen Woo Ping (The Matrix). A robot that is water and fire resistant, with a speed of one terra hz, a memory of one zeta … Continue reading

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Living With Robots

As part of Honda’s Dream The Impossible short movie series, Asimo appeared at the Sundance film festival this year. Honda has now released the latest movie in this series called Living With Robots.  Watch it above or for more viewing … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Robot Movie For $300

Amazing science fiction short movie made for about $300 made by Federico Alvarez from Uruguay. Love the giant robots and flying aircraft. Keep up the great work Federico! Link via (Make)

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R2D2 In Star Trek

As mentioned in our previous post, R2D2 does appear in the new Star Trek Movie. But where does he show up is the question.  Well, sadly the contest to win a prop from the movie is over. Read on to … Continue reading

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