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Robotic Spider

German firm Fraunhofer has created a robotic spider for hazardous missions using 3D printing. Spiders are very agile, and some can even jump. They owe this capability to their hydraulically operated limbs. Researchers have now designed a mobile robot modeled … Continue reading

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We previously posted about this project in 2007 in a post called Eye-bot, and boy has a lot happened since then. Swarmanoid is a research collaboration between various European agencies like the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS) and is  funded … Continue reading

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Wave Glider

Wave Glider is a self sufficient robot that can be used to monitor the ocean.  Made by Liquid Robotics, the robot has 2 main parts.  One part floats on the surface of the ocean and the second part is attached … Continue reading

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Slapshot Robot

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Stanley Cup playoffs with the Bruins and the Canucks. Students and a professor from the University of Waterloo in Canada have developed a robot that does one thing, shoot hockey pucks with a stick. The … Continue reading

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Robotic Airship

Check out this airship from 2007 that was created by students at the University of Adelaide. See the project poster here (pdf). The airship was designed for aerial photography, advertising and to have a flight time of 30 minutes with … Continue reading

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