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Autonomous Robot Swarm

Some very interesting work was published earlier this week in Sciencemag.org. Sabine Hauert from the Bristol Robotics Lab and James Sharpe at EMBL and the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona along with others have created a natural robotic swarm. … Continue reading

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Quadrotor Swarm

Thanks to the people at GRASP Lab , part of the University of Pennsylvania, we have quadrotors that can do things like make figure eights.  Amazing how the swarm of quadrotors can change formation patterns mid flight.  Alex Kushleyev, Daniel … Continue reading

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Robotic Farming

Earlier this year we told you about a neat project called Prosperso by David Dorhout.  Prospero is the first phase of a robotic swarm project to grow and harvest food.  Prospero is controlled using a Parallax Propeller chip and 2 … Continue reading

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We previously posted about this project in 2007 in a post called Eye-bot, and boy has a lot happened since then. Swarmanoid is a research collaboration between various European agencies like the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS) and is  funded … Continue reading

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Prospero Robotic Farmer

Prospero is a project by David Dorhout for a SchmartBoard contest. The idea here is for a swarm of hexapods to do all your planting and crop tending for you.  The project write up states: Prospero is the working prototype … Continue reading

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